Center for Pharmaceutical Policy and Services Studies (CEPHAS), Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Pancasila is a study center with scope of works in the fields of study, research and services related to pharmaceutical policy, management and services. CEPHAS originated from the existence of a research project implementation of the Systematic Tracking of At-Risk Medicines (STARmeds) study. STARmeds is a collaboration between Universitas Pancasila, Imperial College London and Erasmus University Rotterdam which is funded by the British Government through the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), which was conducted over a period of 3 years and 2 months, starting from November 2020 to December 2023.



Our History

Hospital pharmacy services are one of the activities in hospitals that support quality health services. Hospital pharmacy services are an integral part of inseparable from the hospital health care system that is oriented to patient care, providing quality medicines, including clinical pharmacy services, which are affordable for all levels of society. Pancasila University as an educational institution that has a Faculty of Pharmacy, wants to have a role in improving pharmaceutical services in Indonesia, apart from improving the quality of learning in producing quality students, Pancasila University, especially the Faculty of Pharmacy, has established a study center with the name Center for Pharmaceutical Policy and Services Studies (CEPHAS), as a study center that focuses on pharmaceutical services, management and policy. With this study center, it is expected to increase the role of Pancasila University in improving the quality of pharmaceutical services in Indonesia in particular and the world in general through research activities, consultations, workshops and other collaborations with related institutions.

Cephas Vission

Become a national dan International Study Center in the field of pharmaceutical policy, management and services.

Cephas Mission

Collaboration with national and international institutions in research on pharmaceutical policies, management and services ;
Serve consultancy and become a partner in seminar or workshop in the field of pharmacoeconomics, pharmaceutical policies, management and services.

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Imperial College London
 Erasmus University Rotterdam
Universitas Pancasila