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Systematic Tracking of At-Risk Medicines

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Terbit : 4 Maret 2021

Systematic Tracking of At-Risk Medicines

Systematic Tracking of at RIsk Medicine (STARmeds) is a study cllaboration between Univeristas Pancasila, Imperial College London and Erasmus University Rotterdam. It is a 3-year study funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). It was started in November 2022 and expected to be completed by October 2023.

The aim of STARmeds is to protect the public form the danger of sub-standard and falsified medicines by carrying out several main research program, including:

  1. Estimating the prevalence of substandard and medicines drugs through pilot study in 4 provinces in Indonesia. These include: North Sumatra (Medan and Labuhan Batu), DKI Jakarta (East Jakarta), West Java (Bekasi), East Java (Surabaya and Malang), and East Nusa Tenggara (Kupang, and South Central Tumor)

  2. Develop a costing model in sub-standard and falsified medicines suveillance

  3. Policy learning; to study the engagement process with the stakeholders in medicine quality in Indonesia

  4. Sharing our prevalence estimates methods and costing models with other countries

We conducted stakeholders edgagement by forming a high level and technical working group in medicine quality Indonesia. We held periodic meeting eith the stakeholders. For public engagement, we conducted various public event such as Tiktok competition to raise awareness on medicines quality to the public. STARmeds also granted scholarship to master’s students and one PhD student at University of Pancasila as part of capacity building. For more detailed activities under STARmeds study, pelase refer to STARmeds website link below.


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