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The Strengthening of Drug Control System in Indonesia

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Terbit : 4 Maret 2021

The Strengthening of Drug Control System in Indonesia

Study Period: October 2022 – March 2023

The aim of this study is to assist Bappenas in study the strengthening of drug control system in Indonesia. THis study provides background input to RPJMN 2025-2029.

The objective of out this study include:

  1. To assist the Directorate of KGM Bappenas in reviewing the burden of sub-standard and falsified medicines, medicines side effect, and antibiotic resistance in Indonesia.
  2. To assess BPOM’s capacity to administer quality assurance for drug control purpose, including the capacity to emplement Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)
  3. To review and evaluate the effectiveness of current drug control, including pre- and post- market control, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Distribution Practiess (GDP)
  4. To review and evaluate the pharmacovigilance system in indonesia
  5. To review and evaluate the administration of antibiotics in Indonesia
  6. The review the regulation relate to drug control system in Indonesia and submit policy recommendations to support the strengthening of the drug control system in the future.
  7. To identify strategies and area for improvement in the current effort to strengthen drug control, including pharmacovigilance and antibiotic stewardship
  8. To assess relevant indicators and proposed indicators and targets for RPJMN 2025-2029

We conducted the study through FGD and in-dept interview to the relevant stakeholders that include: bppenas, Coordinating Ministry for Human Develompment and CUltural Affair Ministry of Health, Ministry if Industry, BPOM, BRIN and WHO. We also conducted capacity building for these stakeholders

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